We love language. ​Whether it's literal renderings of patentability reports or literary recreations, your translation will be completed on time, under budget, and accurately. Contact us for free, no-pressure advice on message adaptation and translations and discover why some of the world's best-known companies, organizations, and agencies turn to us first.

Translation at P&S is executed only by a native speaker of the target language inside the industry leading SDL Trados 2011 Suite translation platform, allowing us to handle almost any file type and produce texts of high internal consistency.  Long practice has taught us how to find even the rarest of terms.

All translations receive a thorough translator's edit before being packaged for delivery.  Feel free to request a translation memory as a deliverable with any translation order.


Editing and post-editing involve transforming previously translated content, either by hand or machine, into stylish, accurate text ready for proofreading. Any need to reference the original due to breakdown in sense indicates the product is at the editing stage. Allow one of our highly-qualified experts to edit your raw translated files.

Editing is the first stage of our peer review process, which includes a round of editing and an extra round of proofreading.


MT Rating and Analysis

Clients in the process of developing machine translation systems are often in need of experts to provide input on several different algorithms or providers at the same time. P&S is an experienced provider of these services for clients as diverse as Samsung and eBay, and is more than qualified to craft detailed analyses on the linguistic weaknesses of any machine output.  



Transcription is the process of transferring audio files into a text document. P&S then also translates the document and provides a copy of both the transcribed audio and the translation. 


As specialists in a wide variety of text types, we are more than capable of transcribing complex messages and providing accurate renderings in either language direction.


Termbase & TM Management

​Investing in expert terminology and translation memory management ensures the right terms are used over and over again, project costs are kept to a minimum, and messages are harmonized across files far beyond our cooperation together. This is most relevant for large or long-term projects.

Existing glossaries or translation memories can be incorporated into our workflow, merged together and modified for later export into any number of industry-recognized formats. 


​It can be difficult to know why translation team is not functioning well, what difficulties a certain file or folder will present in translation, or why a translation is not functioning well in the target audience.

It's easy for us to spot and classify howlers and point out how difficult a certain text will prove to translate. Post-translation evaluations can be used to train up in-house personnel, and we're delighted to share what we know and help improve your team's performance and efficacy.